Have you booked your holiday travel yet? Me neither.

Guess what, we’re not alone. The prime time for booking holiday flights is between November 17 and December 14. Even later for hotel stays. So the good news is marketers still have time to reach holiday travellers.

Customer booking journeys can be complex. By using measurement, A/B and MVT testing and targeting, and remarketing, marketers can personalise and enhance travellers’ experiences. And, no matter the stage in the journey or device used, can boost conversion rates during this important season. As you gear up for holidays campaigns, perhaps these travel marketing success stories will motivate you toward greater success.

Alitalia Optimises Online Bookings To Fly High

Every month, Alitalia’s website receives millions visits, including mobile devices. Alitalia wanted to ensure all services were fully available via mobile channels, and in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. To increase visits and conversion rates, Alitalia needed to be sure that customers always received the right information, got exactly what they were looking for and could rely on a simple purchase process.

Alitalia selected Webtrends Optimize to test and target for deeper visitor engagement. Optimize combines both A/B and multivariate test types to identify and target the most valuable customer segments. Alitalia carried out different tests on different pages, including the special offers page, which is the most important as it receives the majority of traffic from paid search marketing campaigns.

Results: With Webtrends Optimize, Alitalia increased the number of online bookings by more than seven percent in three months. Optimised pages led to an increase of 500 online bookings in just three weeks, or about 220,000 euros per month. Read the entire success story.

Car Rental Provider Increases Average Order Value with Testing and Targeting

With a large majority of bookings coming via its website, Europcar wants to gain as much value as possible from online sales by increasing conversions (the primary goal of the campaign), increasing basket value and driving the upsell of extras and add-ons at checkout.

Europcar worked alongside optimisation experts from Webtrends Optimize to focus on optimising the landing page and book-and-pay page. Since the .com website receives the largest amount of traffic, Europcar also wanted to explore the differences between how consumers in Europe and those in the U.S. engaged differently. Running tests on both sides of the Atlantic, Europcar found that there was a huge difference in the preferences of European visitors to their U.S. counterparts. For example, colors had an impact ton different nationalities. Subtle changes such as the colour of action buttons, which were traditionally green, showed significant returns.

To achieve the goals of increasing basket value, Europcar set about trying to answer question like: Should optional extras, such as a satellite navigation, be visible with every car by default or be hidden with a link to expand them if desired by the user?

Results: Ultimately, Europcar experienced a 15 percent increase in online car bookings and a 12 percent increase in the sale of extras and add-ons thanks to Webtrends Optimize testing and targeting. Read the entire success story.

Roompot Achieves 250 Percent Increase in Conversions with Remarketing

Cart abandonment means lost online sales. Online holiday accommodation provider, Roompot, wanted to tackle the issue. The company set about implementing campaigns to deliver a more relevant visitor experience to customers based upon their browsing behaviours – and bring them back if they abandoned during booking.

Roompot selected Webtrends Streams, a real-time data delivery solution to capture visitor behaviour ‘in-the-moment’ and support remarketing. They integrated Streams with email service provider (ESP) E-Village, to support remarketing campaigns that emailed visitor in less than one hour after he or she had abandoned cart. In such a competitive industry, it was important for the company to react quickly to website abandoners. Real-time data intelligence was a clear way to increase online conversions, but the results were dramatic.

Results: Through timely, enticing and relevant messaging, Roompot increased conversions by an impressive 250 percent in just three weeks compared to the average conversion rates from email campaigns.

Ready to enhance your holiday campaigns now?

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