Enterprise marketers face unique challenges when optimizing their digital properties: How can my multiple teams test simultaneously without encountering poor or broken experiences? Can I test experiences that span multiple domains?

These same marketers also feel the universal pains of limited bandwidth and are often stretched to find the right resources and expertise that will ensure a successful optimization program.

If these challenges sound familiar to you and you are engaged in the pursuit of highly performant digital testing and targeting, we have good news. The Webtrends engineering team has been busy enhancing Webtrends Optimize, which now puts more advanced enterprise-class tools at your fingertips.

Most exciting are the innovations to the Optimize visual editor, which enables marketers to more easily deploy A/B testing and targeting in an intuitive interface.

For more complex testing and targeting programs, strategic support and guidance, the Webtrends optimization consultants will still be readily available, empowering marketers more than ever before.

So what does this mean for your business? According to Forrester, a high degree of usability encourages increased testing activity by making complex functionality efficient and accessible.

With access to more intuitive testing and targeting, marketers will have the flexibility and scalability necessary to improve the overall return of investment of their digital channels.

Here’s what’s new

The Optimize platform features tremendous power and scale, and now more of these capabilities are available in the visual editor to help enterprise-class organizations to:

  • Build and manage tests and targeted experiences through a more intuitive editing workflow
  • Test content, layout, design and customer journey variations
  • Utilize advanced segmentation and audience management tools (including granular geo-targeting and visitor re-evaluation)
  • Target visitor segments with contextually relevant experiences based on past and in-session behavior
  • Empower multiple enterprise business units to test and target experiences simultaneously thanks to clear collision avoidance
  • Develop an optimized, cross-channel customer experience by increasing conversions and reducing abandonment

These enhancements to the visual editor are the latest steps along our journey to provide enterprise clients with a comprehensive optimization program to help them develop their own centers of excellence. From simple A/B testing to complex, multivariate and experience testing, we are providing the solutions and services to best support the needs of large organizations.

This is how it works

Let’s say you have few teams building tests and targeted content on the same pages. Optimize will detect and prevent collisions during test and target creation, preventing broken experiences for users and inaccurate results for the enterprise. In the visual editor, this is accomplished by highlighting page elements that are already in use and preventing their use in another test.

In the same workflow, you can easily edit all of the elements on the page, even without significant understanding of the page’s html structure. Things like moving, editing, resizing, or reordering content, adding or editing styles (CSS), HTML, or even adding new JavaScript to the page. Each of these is easily modified with a simple click. And, adding conversion events for clicks on elements or navigation to other pages is just as easy.

Of course, targeting tests to specific audience segments is a critical element in a sophisticated testing program so the visual editor makes it easy to segment experiences as well as control test traffic.

Interested in learning more about the value our clients are getting from Optimize? Stay tuned for upcoming blogs that tackle each element of creating winning tests and targeted experiences, including managing tests and multiple testing teams, how to build simple and complex variations, how to interpret results and much more. For more information in the meantime, click here.