We’re very excited to share that Webtrends Optimize has just been named the only Gold winner in WhichTestWon’s Email and Mobile testing awards. The awards comes in the Mobile Optimization category for a test we did with Hotels4U.

The goal of the test was to increase traffic to the Hotel Details page and Search Results page of Hotels4U’s mobile site, therefore driving more revenue through mobile. To this end, we developed a radical redesign A/B test between the existing design and a new, simplified design built by the brilliant creative experts we have on our optimization team. The new design emphasized the usability of search – an essential component of the booking funnel for travel and hospitality brands. The new design also focused on a single call-to-action while reducing distractions and ambiguity.

Here are the two versions we tested:

How much better did the optimal perform? A LOT better. The simplified design increased mobile visitor search use by 61.32%. That’s not all: 31.75% more visitors proceeded to the search results page, 22.63% reached hotel detail pages, and 14.45% more booked a reservation.

If this sounds dramatic, consider that mobile is becoming increasingly important to online bookers. According to eMarketer, mobile bookers booking travel on their devices will more than double by 2016. In other words, more and more people will expect their booking needs to be met online, and marketers need to make this experience easy for them or risk losing that business to a competitor.

The Webtrends Optimize approach and our platform itself makes optimizing on mobile as straightforward as optimizing on a website. For example, with this test, we used client-side DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation techniques to completely overhaul the page and build it from scratch, rather than run the test as a redirect or as a separate page. Webtrends optimize also has the unique ability to perform testing and targeting on mobile apps as well as mobile sites – a feat that is becoming critical to marketers as more of their consumers choose to book trips, make purchases or perform other essential tasks through apps.

Led by a team of optimization strategists, developers and creative specialists, our approach to cooperative optimization leverages years of experience to deliver tests and test plans that deliver ongoing, meaningful results and insights.

Thanks to Hotels4U for letting us spread the word about their awesome test results. They’re a great example of a company that has engrained optimization into their very culture – to extremely positive results that continually impact their bottom line. The lesson here: when you test with Webtrends Optimize, you win.