Webtrends Optimize vs Optimizely

See how Optimizely compares with Webtrends Optimize in a head-to-head comparison of tools & services

Our Feature Comparisons

Our feature comparisons allow you to compare us against other tools on the market. They have been undertaken as objectively as possible, and so in the interest of openness, and to avoid bias, you'll find our sources at the end as footnotes - usually the competitor's own site.

Our comparisons consider the base-offering of all tools. Where features are available behind a paywall/tiered offering, we've noted these down too. When reading the comparison, please note that the base offerings of tools may differ in price. For example, Webtrends Optimize's base offering is designed to be much cheaper than Optimizely's, and you'll notice that all features are available to all customers.

You'll see a purple marker in the top right corner where we've provided additional context. Just click those, and our notes will appear underneath.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Correct at 29th April 2020

Sources: All information taken from Optimizely's website or 'help' site. Specifically, Optimizely's downloadable feature list and guides to multivariate testing, data exports (X Event Export) & accessing raw data.

Why Webtrends Optimize?

Unrestricted, market-leading Technology
  • Unlimited Tests & Targets
  • Web or Server-side
  • Mobile SDKs & REST APIs
  • Advanced Social Proof engine
  • Product Recommendations
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We keep it simple
  • All features/tools available to all
  • Single-line JS implementation
  • 100% Flicker-free Testing
  • Unlimited Users, Goals etc.
  • Third Party Integrations eg. SessionCam, Google Analytics...
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Everything you need in one place
  • Advanced, simple Segmentation
  • WYSIWYG Visual Editor
  • Advanced Code-based Editor
  • Interactive Reporting Dashboard
  • Asset Manager Hosting service
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  • Your own dedicated CRO consultant
  • Access to development, QA & UX resources
  • Strategic quarterly business reviews
  • Continuously live experiments
  • Recommendations, ideas, complex tests
  • CRO, product & technical training
  • Fully UK-based service & support team
  • Pick & mix any of our services above
  • Add on at any time of your contract
  • Pay for hours or per project
  • Pure SaaS – Self-Service
  • But we’re still here if needed!

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