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Our Feature Comparisons

Our feature comparisons allow you to compare us against other tools on the market. They have been undertaken as objectively as possible, and so in the interest of openness, and to avoid bias, you'll find our sources at the end as footnotes - usually the competitor's own site.

Our comparisons consider the base-offering of all tools. Where features are available behind a paywall/tiered offering, we've noted these down too.

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Detailed Feature Comparison

Correct at 29th April 2020

Implementation Features

Implementation FeaturesWebtrends OptimizeVWO
implement iconWeb Pages: 1 line JScheck iconcheck icon
implement iconServer-sidecheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
implement iconMobile SDKscheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
implement iconOTT / RESTcheck iconcheck icon
implement iconURL-Redirect (Stateful)check iconcheck icon

Experiment Types

Experiment TypesWebtrends OptimizeVWO
experiment iconA/B Testingcheck iconcheck icon
experiment iconA/B/n Testingcheck iconcheck icon
experiment iconFull Factorial MVTcheck iconcheck in circle icon Pro Tier + (£)
experiment iconFractional Factorial MVTcheck iconcross icon
Webtrends Optimize: Patented Design of Experiments methodology with non-binomial data calculations included.
experiment iconPersonalisation Campaignscheck iconcheck in circle icon Pro Tier + (£)
experiment iconSplit Testing (URL)check iconcheck icon

Supplementary Features

Supplementary FeaturesWebtrends OptimizeVWO
feature iconProduct Recommendations Enginecheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier + (£)
feature iconSocial Proof Messagingcheck iconcross icon
feature iconHeatmaps & Scrollmapscheck in circle icon Via 3rd Partycheck icon
Webtrends Optimize: Currently accessible via 3rd party integration. On internal roadmap for 2020
feature iconSession Recordingcheck in circle icon Via 3rd Partycheck icon
Webtrends Optimize: Currently accessible via 3rd party integration. On internal roadmap for 2020

Experiment Support

Experiment SupportWebtrends OptimizeVWO
support iconMulti Page Testingcheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
support iconDynamic Pages/SPA Supportcheck iconcheck icon
support iconMutual Exclusionscheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
support iconConditional Activationcheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
support iconVisual Editorcheck iconcheck icon
support iconProxyless Visual Editorcheck iconcheck icon
Feature Description: Loading pages through a proxy often results in pages being somewhat broken, if not completely inaccessible. Having a proxyless editor provides a more reliably Visual Editor, especially through gated pages such as My Account sections, Checkout Funnels, etc.
support iconPreview Modecheck iconcheck icon
support iconFlicker-free testing on provided test typescheck iconcheck icon
VWO: Available via additional code snippet

Audience Selection

Audience SelectionWebtrends OptimizeVWO
audience iconBrowsercheck iconcheck icon
audience iconDevicecheck iconcheck icon
audience iconSourcecheck iconcheck icon
audience iconCampaigncheck iconcheck icon
audience iconReferrercheck iconcheck icon
audience iconQuery Stringcheck iconcheck icon
audience iconJS Conditioncheck iconcheck icon
audience iconCookie Valuecheck iconcheck icon
audience iconIP Addresscheck iconcheck icon
audience iconNew vs. Returningcheck iconcheck icon
audience iconGeo-locationcheck iconcheck in circle icon Pro Tier + (£)
Webtrends Optimize: Uses NetAcquity Edge - the best service available for Geo lookups.
VWO: Appears to Country level only
audience iconThird Party Audiencescheck iconcross icon
audience iconUploaded Audiencescheck iconcross icon
audience iconBehavioural Targetingcheck iconcheck in circle icon Pro Tier + (£)


IntegrationsWebtrends OptimizeVWO
integrations iconGoogle Analyticscheck iconcheck icon
integrations iconAdobe Analyticscheck iconcheck icon
integrations iconSessioncamcheck iconcheck icon
integrations iconHotjarcheck iconcheck icon

Data Access

Data AccessWebtrends OptimizeOptimizely X Web
data iconExport Raw Event Datacheck iconcross icon
data iconEvent Data Access from own platformcheck iconcross icon
data iconLong Data Retention Periodcheck icon1 yearcross icon
VWO: 45 days after contract expiry
data iconExtract Enriched Datacheck iconcross icon

Additional Support & Security

Additional Support & SecurityWebtrends OptimizeVWO
security iconPCI Compliant snippetcheck iconcheck icon
security iconAgency Model (Single login - multiple accounts)check iconcheck icon
security iconOnline Help documentationcheck iconcheck icon
security iconOnline support ticketingcheck iconcheck icon
security iconCommunity/forumscross iconcross icon
security iconDedicated support analystcheck iconcheck in circle icon Enterprise Tier (£)
security iconLive chatcheck iconcheck icon


AllowancesWebtrends OptimizeVWO
allowances icon# of Accounts/Projectscheck iconUnlimitedcheck in circle icon one
VWO: Up to 3 in Pro tier. Unlimited in Enterprise tier (£)
allowances icon# of Experimentscheck iconUnlimitedcheck iconUnlimited
allowances icon# of Userscheck iconUnlimitedcheck iconUnlimited
allowances icon# of Active Tests allowedcheck iconUnlimitedcheck iconUnlimited
allowances icon# of Goals allowedcheck iconUnlimitedcheck in circle icon Up to 20
VWO: Up to 50 in Pro tier. Up to 75 in Enterprise tier (£)
allowances icon# of Personalisations allowedcheck iconUnlimitedcheck iconUnlimited
allowances iconNo Data Samplingcheck iconcheck icon

Sources: All information taken from VWO's website.

Why Webtrends Optimize?

Unrestricted, market-leading technology

  • Unlimited Tests & Targets
  • Full Stack: Web, Server-Side, Mobile SDKs, REST API
  • Real-time Social Proofing engine
  • Product Recommendations
  • Third party integrations (Google Analytics, HotJar, etc.)
  • 100% flicker free
  • Single-line JS implementation
  • All features available to all users
  • Your own dedicated CRO consultant
  • Access to development, QA & UX resources
  • Strategic quarterly business reviews
  • Continuously live experiments
  • Recommendations, ideas, complex tests
  • CRO, product & technical training
  • Fully UK-based service & support team
  • Pick & mix any of our services above
  • Add on at any time of your contract
  • Pay for hours or per project
  • Pure SaaS – Self-Service
  • But we’re still here if needed!

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