ABn Testing

What is ABn testing?

ABn testing is a type of testing where 2 or more variations of a certain element on a web page are compared with each other to understand which variation will deliver the goal of an experiment, or prove the hypothesis.

The ‘n’ in ABn testing refers to the multiple variations in the test. By contrast AB testing is a simpler test, pitching just one variation against another.

How ABn testing works

Traditionally, traffic is split in equal proportion between the experiments, for example if you have 4 experiments each experiment will have 25% of the traffic.

Traffic is also divided randomly amongst each variation, to make the sample distribution arbitrary.

What can you use ABn testing for?

Some examples and ideas of what you can use ABn testing for are shown below:

Considerations when ABn testing

Below are some key considerations and things to look out for when using ABn testing:

ABn testing with Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize can run all of the examples and ideas provided above when ABn testing. We can also provide additional support and guidance with the strategy and process of deciding what type of tests best support the hypotheses and outcome you are trying to achieve, for example AB, ABn, MVT, Split tests, Server-side testing etc. All are available in the Webtrends Optimize platform as standard.

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