Multivariate Testing

Test multiple variables on a page at the same time

An essential tool in the digital marketers toolbox

Whilst most marketer rely on their instincts, Multivariate testing (or A/B testing) provides reliable evidence to support your decisions based on real visitor interaction. By testing you can see exactly what worked best and which version of your content delivered the most conversions. With a simple to use WYSIWYG interface you have the ability create an unlimited number of tests across all areas of your website and other digital devices.

An experienced team of strategists

Because an effective testing program is a combination of art and science, Webtrends Optimize provide a team of experienced optimisation consultants and strategists who are dedicated to meeting your goals and achieving exceptional results.

Our powerful platform & patented algorithms deliver faster results, with less traffic. Meaning you can understand more, faster.

Multivariate Testing vs A/B

If you’re not clear on the differences between Multivariate testing and A/B testing take a look at our short video run down of the key facts.

Get the most from your Multivariate Testing

Drive customer acquisition
& increase conversion

Optimise your forms, landing pages, registration flow or other experiences on your site to acquire more customers. By making the experience more relevant, you’ll increase conversions and gain valuable insight into your visitors behaviour.

Build better experiences across channels & devices

Create great mobile experiences. Using our support for Android and iOS app testing, you can run web multivariate or A/B tests on your mobile experiences to understand which combination of elements performs the best and which experience will yield the greatest results.

Choose your solution

We have a range of website optimisation solutions available to best suit the needs of your business.

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