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Press Release

Webtrends Optimize are pleased to announce their partnership with Kraken Data, an Australian agency who specialise in conversion rate optimisation and analytics.

Kraken Data were founded in 2017 by Richard Mangum and Terry Johns, 2 vastly experienced CRO and analytics professionals, who between them have helped optimise websites for some of the largest brands in the World such as HSBC, BHP, Bupa, Qantas and many more.

They have a total commitment to ensuring customer success and satisfaction which is essential in delivering effective CRO for their clients. Utilising A/B testing, MVT and Personalisation to complement their analytics services, and focusing 100% on using data to drive decisions, a partnership with Webtrends Optimize was a natural fit.

Terry Johns, Director at Kraken Data said “Webtrends Optimize provides a full suite of optimisation tools out of the box and with all account types. This means that sophisticated tests can be built no matter what size of account you’re working with. With this technology behind us, Kraken Data can offer a CRO program that is cutting edge and tailored to each individual client’s needs.

“The partnership between Webtrends Optimize and Kraken Data provides a solid base from where product development, client satisfaction are mutually guaranteed. We both win when we work as a team.”

Product Director at Webtrends Optimize, Sandeep Shah added “We’ve known the team at Kraken Data for many years. It’s great to be selected as the right platform and team to support them on their journey as a young (and yet very experienced) CRO agency.

“Our strong relationship moving forward allows us both to be mutually confident that what gets put in front of our customers is the right offering and fit, which is the right recipe for everyone to be successful.”

Send Webtrends Optimize a message, or call 0333 444 5502, if you’d like a no obligation demo or would like to discuss how we can help your business.