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Webtrends Optimize, a global leader in AB Testing and optimisation, has announced an agreement with L&C Mortgages (, a multi-award-winning mortgage broker, to provide their testing and optimisation solution.

L&C was already familiar with the benefits of using a web optimisation tool so wanted the flexibility to do more tests in-house. Having reviewed both free and paid for solutions, they desired a partnership that would complement their existing resources whilst also providing hands-on support and proactive test ideas to develop more complex tests.

Annette Read, Head of Marketing at L&C commented “We’ve already seen some of the benefits of optimisation and wanted to expand our breadth of application, tools and techniques. We’re excited about working with Webtrends Optimize to include personalisation in our offering and to create optimal journeys and experiences for our customers.

“Having access to both the fully managed and in-house self service delivery options will provide us with the best of both worlds, meaning we can deliver the right experiments in the best way.

“Webtrends Optimize was recommended to us by a number of our partners who had been working on similar projects. And because they demonstrate a depth of experience in our industry, offer the right combination of complexity and simplicity, as well as having plans for future enhancements, the decision to choose them was easy.”

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