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Press Release

Webtrends Optimize are delighted to announce their partnership with SwiftERM.

SwiftERM aims to predict what consumers will buy next by analysing their browsing behaviour real-time and then emailing them product details whilst they are in the buying mindset.

With a fully automated system which can run 24/7, they provide a cost-effective solution, generating additional revenue streams from existing customers. No manual segmenting of products or audience is required, and it can complement your existing marketing and email software perfectly.

As with Webtrends Optimize, SwiftERM aims to maximise ROI, making them an ideal partner. Their cutting-edge technology uses eidetic data captured from your platform/website and provides a highly profitable addition to your bottom line.

The intelligence and efficiency of the SwiftERM platform provides great synergies between the two businesses and creates huge opportunities to increase online sales and revenue.

“I’ve been looking for a partner to complement our offering for a while, and the CRO and personalisation technology Webtrends Optimize have is best-in-class” said David Swift, CEO at SwiftERM. “I can’t wait for us to start working together and integrating the two services. The potential is huge.”

Matt Smith, CEO at Webtrends Optimize added: “SwiftERM’s capabilities are fantastic and I’m really excited at exploring all the ways in which we can integrate the two technologies to further enhance our client’s ROI, and their customer’s onsite buying experience.”

Send Webtrends Optimize a message, or call 0333 444 5502, if you’d like a no obligation demo or would like to discuss how we can help your business.