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Insurance company drives new healthcare subscriptions and increased revenue using a tailored conversion optimisation strategy

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The Client

nib provides health and medical insurance to more than one million Australian and New Zealand residents, and brings private health insurance coverage to over 40,000 international customers, including skilled migrant workers and international students.

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The Challenge

nib’s mission is to ‘provide people with affordable healthcare when and where it is needed with world class products and services.’ To deliver on this promise, nib has committed itself to building a website that provides its visitors with advice and easy access to relevant information.

“As a customer-centric organisation, nib strives to offer a compelling personalised experience to our customers,” said Adam Hatfield, Head of Digital at nib. “We appreciated that we needed to do more through our online experience for customers, to ultimately increase the number of website conversions. However, in believing that health insurance should be easy to understand, simple to use and most of all good value, our challenge was to make this a reality via a self-service tool which we offer site visitors.”

This challenge was exacerbated by the lack of internal resource availability at nib. As a result, nib searched externally for a team of dedicated experts who could work as a natural extension of its own team in order to build a conversion optimisation strategy and deliver its promise to visitors.

“Previously, we had run website tests on a limited basis and realised that a more methodical conversion optimisation strategy and testing approach would be required to deliver a truly compelling experience for our customers,” said Hatfield. “Our internal team questioned whether or not the existing test results were conclusive and wanted to know if the limited changes adopted were having an impact on sales.”

In addition, nib wanted to carry out advanced MVT and AB testing and targeting/personalisation but lacked the expertise to do so on their own. To meet their business goals, nib implemented a full-service testing solution in order to leverage outside expertise to develop, track and analyse its conversion optimisation strategy and programme, while continuing its own AB experiments in parallel.

“As the trusted advisor we were looking for, Webtrends Optimize has enabled us to spend less time on multiple projects and more time focusing on those that will deliver a return.”

Adam Hatfield

Head of Digital, nib

The Solution

nib selected Webtrends Optimize, a testing and targeting solution that offers a powerful combination of technology and services, including optimisation consultants, developers and designers, as well as a dedicated QA team.

Webtrends Optimize created a customised testing and personalisation strategy to leverage the Optimize technology according to nib’s site-specific needs and requirements.

The Webtrends Optimize team provided consultancy and developed a new strategy to increase the potential of the nib website. Working collaboratively was a critical ingredient for the project’s success.

After the initial consultancy phase, nib began working on a brand new website, built to handle a large volume of transactions. nib’s previous conversion funnel required users to answer a long list of questions, which would then return detailed insurance pricing.

For those visitors who did not complete the form, the website attempted to capture their details which would then be used for a personal follow-up by its customer call centre.

This approach resulted in a high abandonment rate. User experience testing by the Webtrends Optimize team revealed that visitors were overwhelmed with too many questions early on in the process. So Webtrends Optimize worked with nib to simplify the form and make it more personalised by pre-selecting the user’s location, based on IP address.

“Having worked with Webtrends Optimize for 12 months, its Optimize tool and the team’s expertise have made a huge impact on our conversion optimisation strategy. Before we began our partnership, we had conflicting ideas about how best to improve our customer experience. Webtrends Optimize gave us the guidance necessary to help prioritise activity that would help drive subscriptions.”

Adam Hatfield

Head of Digital, nib

The Results

The new form allowed users to pre-select the most popular insurance packages with the intent of minimising potential choice paralysis due to a large number of possible combinations of coverage. The new website also gave those users preferring a fully personalised package with the option to customise the product.

Following the success of previous tests, the Webtrends Optimize team turned its attention to the mobile platform. Webtrends Optimize identified that a significant portion of nib’s traffic was arriving via mobile devices, meaning nib needed to find ways to validate and improve the mobile design.

The Webtrends Optimize team built a new homepage to be fully mobile-friendly, to understand how users were interacting with the page. Through testing, the team found that most mobile users were much less likely to complete an online form and appeared to be more interested in comparing the prices and features of the different insurance packages.

This insight helped nib to rework the new website to allow mobile users an easy-to-browse journey.

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