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Activating audience insight through unrivalled human understanding, media execution strategies and sustainable technologies, Fifty power the market’s most effective, next-gen campaigns.

As the digital media landscape explodes in complexity, Fifty can keep up, providing brands with a nuanced understanding of their audiences and the means to get seen across all digital channels - all while prioritising data privacy. In other words, Fifty get you to the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people. They work with clients from Red Bull, Bentley, Save the Children, Brew Dog and more to help them understand their audiences better and target them more efficiently.

Their platform uses network science, graphing technology and artificial intelligence to analyse billions of data points and transform them into impactful consumer segmentations. At its core, the platform uncovers human social behaviour. Their methodology allows them to unearth real world connections between people based on their shared interests, beliefs and motivations. The technology is complex, but the outcome is simple: deep audience understanding based on human behaviour and passions, not tracking.



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We’re thrilled to be working with Webtrends Optimize. Their top-tier personalisation and Fifty’s insights and omnichannel activation bear the mark of a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. We’re looking forward to seeing first-hand the growth to client experience and revenue that will come out of putting our heads together.

Patrick Cook - Client Manager @ Fifty

We’re really excited to be partnering with Fifty, their audience insights provide rich information on audiences and segments that can be a great basis for on-site testing for particular personas. With a number of shared clients, we’re excited to keep supporting those that choose our technologies to further advance their marketing.

Matt Smith – CEO @ Webtrends Optimize

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