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You’ve got a vision. A marketing journey that connects with your customers on a personal level. Build real relationships. And drives consistent growth for your business. But turning that vision into reality? That’s the hard part. Campaigns fall flat, and you’re not sure what went wrong.

Enter Smart Panda Labs.

Smart Panda Labs is a digital experience agency that combines marketing expertise with technical execution to build, manage, and improve post-click digital experiences. This means marketers can bring their ideas for meeting customer expectations to the marketplace today, and can start enhancing that customer experience tomorrow.

Smart Panda Labs focus on your website to create impactful experiences – using customer experience research and conversion optimisation – that drive sales, reduce costs, and make finance happy. They focus on your lifecycle marketing efforts by making your email and SMS messages the ones your customers want to open – using automated and ad hoc touch points – and turning them into loyal fans.

As an enterprise marketer, you want your digital experience to drive not only revenue, but also profit and lifetime value. Smart Panda Labs bridge the gap between marketing goals and technical execution so you can reach those goals.



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Enterprise marketers are tired of agencies that assumed they'd ‘handle the tech stuff’ and just focus on getting them to spend more and more on ads. They want partners that help them to create value and ROI with every dollar, so they can look good in front of C-suite. This means not only delivering great service, but using great tools that allow you to execute, measure, learn, and grow. We have found Webtrends Optimize to be one of those tools and are excited to partner with them to marry marketing, product, and technology to generate the value our clients need to move forward. We want clients that like us and like the results we deliver, and Webtrends Optimize helps us deliver on both fronts. They help us keep our clients happy with us.

Shamir Duverseau - Co-Founder @ Smart Panda Labs

The team at Panda Labs are extremely effective at what they do. They are passionate about creating memorable and high converting digital experiences, which aligns with the goals we set out for our clients too. The partnership has worked between the two businesses since day one and we are excited to see where it can go and the results we can deliver!

Stuart Rex – Commercial Director @ Webtrends Optimize

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