We understand that something for free is often perceived as having low or even no value…

Here at Webtrends Optimize we want to welcome anyone who is passionate about CRO and achieving your KPIs. By offering a Free Trial you can see how much our platform has to offer and you get the chance to work with the platform (no reduced access) before even considering if it is something you want to use full time.

We believe that our conversion rate optimisation solution adds the science behind the art of marketing. You and your team will have created content on your site, and you need to get the most out of the hours you’ve all spent designing graphics and writing powerful subject matter. Your website needs CRO to ensure you maximise its potential.

But if you’re either not sure of the first steps or are contemplating changing CRO vendor because of poor performance, a free trial is a way of “dipping your toes” into something new. 

We don’t want to scare you off, and we want to prove that we have nothing to hide as we are proud of our platform but we want to make sure your that you are ready for the Trial.



Please be aware ‘Free trial’, although the raw cost is free, there is an impact associated with trialling a CRO solution:

  • You will need to add our tag to your website (if you want to put tests you create live on your site)
  • You will have to spend some time learning our tool and getting use to the platform
  • You will also need to consider test ideas and tracking

This is to enable you to get the best results out of it. 


How we can help you make the most of your Free Trial:

We’d like to think that in contrast to other vendors that supply you with just a login, we go that extra mile. We want you to maximise the value of our product even during the trial period and share in your success. We offer more than just access to our solution…

You will have direct contact with an optimisation consultant to:

  • Provide a demo or training if needed
  • No cap on segments or tracking either
  • You can build and set live as many tests as you like
  • Help with any questions you have with regards to setting up your tests
  • You can add more than 1 user to your Free Trial account
  • You have full access to our reporting, which includes AOV tracking, data extracts, stabilisation charts as well as traffic trends

Here at Webtrends Optimize, we offer a 60-day free trial of our solution without the need for credit card details or any commitment, you can simply start a trial with no hidden extras.


Desired traits of a Free Trialist:

Before you sign up, we recommend you review the items listed below to see if you really have the right trait to get started:

  • Only go ahead with a free trial if you are serious about Conversion Rate Optimisation – it needs your time, but the results will be worth the small amount of effort required. 
  • To gain success from our CRO solution (or any other CRO solution for that matter) you will need to have a certain level of traffic coming to your site to make the testing viable. We would recommend at least 50,000 visitors a year to see the real statistical significance of your experiments. 
  • You won’t need to be technical – With Webtrends Optimize you don’t have to understand code to get great results. So, if you are a novice or an experienced developer, we offer both a simple to use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface and a code-based one for those more technical.  

To gain the best advantage over your 60-day trial, it’s best to work out a couple of ideas for tests in advance – ones that you would like to test on your own site. If you don’t have any, please take a look here at some ideas to test and select the ones that resonate best. Don’t forget you will only benefit if you put the effort it!


As with all our paying clients, we provide a high level of onboarding help, access to short videos to get you started, providing an overview of each of the elements of our CRO solution. Unlike any other CRO vendor, we provide a CRO specialist to guide you during those early days to ensure that you know what to do and how to do it. Whilst your free trial is running, we also provide on-going access to our support portal so you can obtain quick answers from our trained technicians and get in touch even outside of normal hours. 

 So whilst a free trial does need some effort on your part, the return on the time invested, will reap rewards in the long term! 

We look forward to you signing up for an account! Click here to get started.