Marketing Technology Stack

What is a Marketing Technology Stack?

In the technology industry, a “stack” refers to a collection of tools and technlogies that one uses to assemble a working system. For example, this can include Apache (Web Server), HTML, CSS and ReactJS (Front-End), NodeJS (Back-End) and SQL (Database).

In the context of digital marketing, the “stack” refers to the collection of tools that one uses to research, analyse and act on their data.

How does a Marketing Technology Stack work?

The principle behind a Marketing Technology Stack is that we use a diverse range of tools to encompass the various activities that we wish to carry out. Often, this stack will include:

What are the considerations when choosing a Marketing Technology Stack?

Often the most important factor when selecting a Marketing Technology Stack is knowing that the various tools can communicate with each other. Most often, one tool does not handle everything, and so there is an inherent need to have tools that can share data, work together, and collaboratively achieve your various goals.

How does Webtrends Optimize fit into my Marketing Technology Stack?

Webtrends Optimize was born as an Experimentation and Personalisation platform, and so facilitates these two activities. However, recent developments have allowed Webtrends Optimize to centralise many Marketing activities and conversion tools into a single platform. These include (amongst others):

In addition to this, Webtrends Optimize neatly integrates with many Analytics and Data Management platforms. For example, you can send data of Views and Conversions from Webtrends Optimize to Google Analytics; You can import segments of users from Adobe Analytics into Webtrends Optimize etc.

The combination of this current functionality, and future developments to come, allow Webtrends Optimize to be present and connected across your Marketing technology stack – effectively sharing and receiving data as required.

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