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Website Optimisation is no longer optional

In a fast pace “always connected” world, optimising your online customer experience is essential to keep your business ahead of your competitors. However, many companies start website optimisation in a piece-meal fashion with no strategy around what, or how they are going to implement it. To get the best results requires planning, expertise and experience.

Develop your strategy & tactics

Often confused with A/B testing, optimisation is a collection of different tactics to improve the performance of a customer journey, ranging from simple button colour changes right through to one-to-one personalisation.
Optimisation is now an essential part of a marketer’s toolbox and is a process that is developed and matured over months and years. It allows you to provide more personalised content to different segments of your visitors.
With the ever-connected consumer, every organisation needs to ensure that it remains relative to their audience.
Optimisation strategy & tactics depicted by 2 pieces of a jigsaw fitting together

Optimisation. A process

A/B or multivariate testing should be carried out with every optimisation project whether simple or complex, to confirm the results deliver the desired impact.

Take a look at our video on the optimisation process.

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