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Press Release

Webtrends Optimize are excited to announce their new partnership with Endless Gain

Endless Gain are a multi-award winning strategic conversion optimisation agency based in Manchester, who personalise, optimise and create new customer experiences to help their clients increase revenue from their digital assets.

With a huge amount of experience in digital Marketing, eCommerce, analytics and supporting business growth, they also take a different approach to many agencies in analysing the psychology and using biometric research to fully understand the human behaviour and emotion behind the decisions we make online.

Endless Gain’s commitment to fully understanding the data and the psychological theory behind user behaviour ensures that their approach to AB testing, personalisation and wider conversion rate optimisation techniques consistently delivers results for their clients.

It’s also the reason why a partnership with Webtrends Optimize was a perfect match, recognising in each other the same core belief of what makes CRO successful, for both the client and their end customer.

Garret Cunningham, COO at Endless Gain said “In Webtrends Optimize we have found a CRO & personalisation partner whose technology can fully match our ambition to make the online consumer experience a better place.”

Matt Smith, CEO at Webtrends Optimize added “I can’t wait to start working with Endless Gain. Their whole ethos and approach to CRO is completely in sync with how we work and what we aim to achieve. They are exceptional at what they do and I can see us having a long and successful partnership.”

Send Webtrends Optimize a message, or call 0333 444 5502, if you’d like a no obligation demo or would like to discuss how we can help your business.