May 2020

What we did this month

Throughout May our team were once again busy adding more honey to the Optimize platform. We’re constantly listening to our client & partner feedback and reviewing Optimize to make things even better for you. Here are some of the highlights from May…

Release 1

Release 2

May 2020 - Key Product Updates

  • Improved Multivariate test workflow UX – now with ‘assisted build’ to help make creating MVT’s even easier
  • Enhanced reporting engine – allowing you to see more detailed information around your personalisation campaigns
  • The overall UI now has the ability to switch between dark and light modes to enable better viewing in all lighting conditions
  • In addition to the step-by-step guidance introduced last month, we now provide an enhanced ‘getting started’ guide
  • Introduction of our V5.2 Tag
        • Available to both existing users and new users through the Tag Configuration screen
        • Improvements to the use of 3rd Party Cookies
        • Introduction of additional ‘Helper Methods’ to reduce script complexity
        • The Optimize Build Framework, to allow building more resilient experiments, is now available globally
  • Improved information within the Account Overview screen providing:
        • Contract start and end dates
        • Contract usage allowance
        • Budget of sessions etc.
        • Ability to turn on/off Global Account Geo-location data collection
  • Automated Tracking – allows you to ‘set & forget’ conversion goals
  • Automated Custom Data – allows set-up of test data by default enabling quicker experiment building

And, as always, we have also made some minor bug fixes and performance improvements to keep everything running smoothly.

If you have any questions about any of the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch or, if you like what you see, why why not take a free trial and take a look at Webtrends Optimize for yourself.

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