Referral Partnership

Whether you are an agency, or individual, who specialises in a specific Marketing, eCommerce, Digital, Web or Technology discipline or offer a range of services – a Webtrends Optimize Referral Partnership is designed for you.​

What is it?

At a very basic level, we offer a simple finders-fee for referral and introduction of clients to Webtrends Optimize. We will provide the guidance and information required to enable you to feel comfortable in offering our Webtrends Optimize CRO solution.

This will include product positioning, product sales training, FAQ’s, as well as onboarding and on-going product training.

To learn more about us take a look at our feature list.

Team in an office with connection map overlaid highlighting how the Webtrends Optimize Referral Partnership works

How does it work?

We’re pretty flexible and will tailor a partnership so that it works best for you. Highlighted below is a top-level overview and some key opportunities:

  • Simple client referral/introduction fee model
  • Intro meeting, guidance, information & rate cards
  • Ongoing support via Jira
  • Ability to purchase your own ‘feeder’ licence to facilitate a number of your smaller clients’ needs
  • Ability to add any of our additional service packages
  • Option to promote our partnership (or keep private)

Looks great. How do I get involved?

We’ve made the whole process as easy as possible. Obviously, given the flexibility of our partnerships, we have a few things to discuss to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. So there are 3 simple steps:

1. Tell Us

Send us a message or email us at

2. Let's Talk

We’ll be in touch to set up an intro meeting to allow us to understand your all of requirements fully and provide further detail around ways of working, referral fees, pricing, support etc.

3. Sign Up

We'll then provide you with the Webtrends Optimize Partnership Agreement which outlines what we agree together in step 2. Sign it. Send it back to us.
And you're ready to go!

If you already undertake CRO services yourself on a larger scale and would like to look at using our platform to fulfil this, why not take a look at the additional benefits you could get from our Strategic Partnership.

Get in touch

If you have more questions or want to know a little more about our partnerships, send us a message or call us on 0333 444 5503.

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