Following on from our blog post last week ‘Honey – i shrunk the conversion rate‘ we’re back with suggestions of how you can fix your conversion rate!

What should I do to protect my website against Honey?

Much like Amazon Assistant, there are a few things we can do about this. For anything that is a change to the website (beyond just tracking activity), we strongly recommend running a Test/Experiment to make sure you accurately understand the impact of what you’re proposing to do. We’ve had some interesting results in the past when looking at Amazon Assistant, including finding that conversion rate is better when the bar is visible, because our client’s website had extremely competitive pricing. So, you never know!

1. Track its usage.

As with all activities based around action in a Digital environment, your journey should start with the data. We can track:

  • How many people are seeing Honey pop up
  • How many voucher codes it’s found
  • What savings are presented to the user

And then combine this with useful bits of your own data, such as:

  • What products and categories are being purchased,
  • How much people are spending
  • If they then go on to purchase
  • etc.

2. Make it work how you want it to

We have the ability to distort what people are shown, in whatever way you feel appropriate. Such as:

  • Reiterating your USPs inside Honey’s widget
  • Co-branding the widget, if you find it’s actually useful to your customers.
  • Replacing the CTAs in the widget with your own information/actions.
  • etc.

3. Hide it

Quite simply, you could make the problem disappear. When people browse your website, they’ll see it the way you intended. We can do this as a blanket rule for all customers, or even on a per-product, category or basket value basis.

4. Break it

To discourage it’s use, you can break interactions with their widget. This might not make your customers particularly happy, but it is possible and worth a mention!

I’m sold. How do we make this happen?

As with Amazon Assistant, if you would like to find out more about your options, or how we can help you to understand the impact Honey is having on your website and how you can fix your conversion rate; please do get in touch. We’re happy to talk this through and help with some direction. Simply Get in touch for support.