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Below are our product, feature and support comparisons with some of the other CRO and Personalisation platforms on the market. In them we consider the base-offering of all the tools analysed. Where there are features available behind a paywall or in a tiered offering this is highlighted too to help you analyse the offerings as a like for like comparison.

As Webtrends Optimize is an unrestricted, full-stack CRO platform with an ‘all-inclusive’ model, all tools and features are available to everyone (ie. no tiers/paywalls/upgrades required to access anything).

Webtrends Optimize vs Optimizely

A detailed feature comparison with Optimizely

Webtrends Optimize vs VWO

A detailed feature comparison with VWO

Webtrends Optimize vs Google Optimize

A detailed feature comparison with Google Optimize

vs Optimizely, VWO & Google Optimize

A detailed feature comparison with all 3 platforms

By offering everything in our product to everyone at one standard price, as your business grows, and you want/need to utilise different tools/techniques or deliver more complex experiments you know you don’t need to worry about the additional ‘cost’. Even those users on our free solution (for businesses with less than 10,000 sessions per month), still get access to all features/tools and are not restricted in any way.

These comparisons allow you to compare us against other tools on the market, by feature, technology and support. They have been undertaken as objectively as possible, and so in the interest of openness, and to avoid bias, you'll find our sources at the end as footnotes (usually the competitor's own site).

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